Coalition to Stop Shariah

Individual speaker statements are here.

  1. ACT for America – Brigitte Gabriel, President
  2. American Center for Democracy – Rachel Ehrenfeld, President
  3. American Islamic Forum for Democracy – Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, President
  4. Center for Security Policy – Frank J. Gaffney, Jr., President
  5. Christian Solidarity International – Father Keith Rodderick, Washington Representative
  6. Committee on the Present Danger – Chet Nagle
  7. Concerned Women for America – Wendy Wright, President
  8. Endowment for Middle East Truth – Sarah Stern, President
  9. English First – Jim Boulet, Jr. Executive Director
  10. Family Security Matters – Carol Taber, founder
  11. Florida Security Council – Tom Trento, President
  12. Geostrategic Analysis – Peter Huessy
  13. High Frontier – Hank Cooper, Chairman 
  14. Institute for the Study of Islam and Christianity – Patrick Sookhdeo, Director and Marshall Sana, Director of Communications
  15. Institute on Religion & Democracy, Religious Liberty Program – Faith J. H. McDonnell, Director
  16. Iranian Enterprise Institute
  17. Jewish Action Alliance
  18., a project of the David Horowitz Freedom Center – Robert Spencer, renowned author and expert on Shariah law, Director
  19. Let Freedom Ring – Colin Hanna, President
  20. Muslims Against Shariah
  21. Society of Americans for National Existence – David Yerushalmi, President
  22. Tradition, Property and Family – C. Preston Noelle III
  23. Traditional Values Coalition – Andrea Lafferty, Executive Director
  24. United American Committee
  25. Unity Coalition for Israel – Esther Levens, President
  26. Women United – Beth Gilinsky, President
  27. Zionist Organization of America – Morton Klein, National President




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